Foundation Repair

Your Home’s Foundation Deserves the Best. Let us Repair it Right!

foundation repair

At Little Corner Foundation Repair, we are very familiar with the soils and foundations in the Triangle area and have expertise tackling tricky foundation issues, especially in our community’s older, historic homes.

Working collaboratively with licensed engineers, our experienced team determines the best repair plan for your home’s needs. This can include:

  • adding masonry piers and drop girders
  • installing steel helical piers
  • utilizing carbon fiber products and I beams
  • installing simple steel shims or sistered joists.

Our holistic approach includes water management systems. We never overlook the fundamentals: ensuring functional gutters, extending buried pipes for your downspouts, and grading the surface to slope away from the house.

Our team will provide honest recommendations and seek to find the most effective and least invasive solutions.