Crawlspace Floor and Structural Repair

crawlspace structural repair

You may need structural repair to your home’s crawlspace if you have noticed sloping, sagging, or springy floors, cracks in your interior walls or have windows and doors that seem to be sticking.

These signs can be symptoms of structural issues rather than normal aging and settling. Our team at Little Corner Foundation Repair can assess the situation and propose appropriate solutions.

Houses built in North Carolina are typically constructed using wood framing materials built over crawlspaces. Within a crawlspace, block or brick piers support the floor framing above. Water and moisture issues can compromise footers, foundations and piers and damage the structural wood framing (floor joists, sill plates, girders, and subfloor).

Our skilled team can replace or reinforce these piers and structural wood members to restore the integrity of your home. We are experienced with the most complex structural repairs in the most hard-to-access spaces.

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